Our Story

Hi. I’m Gina

I'm the Founder and CEO of Artizan Boutik.

I dream of making the world flat. I dream of a world where artisans in Haiti, Africa, and other remote parts of the world can sell their products in the US, Europe, and Canada. I envision a world where a woman can have an African Kente hair wrap, a trendy handbag from Kenya, or some accessories from the Caribbean, all at her fingertips.  

Until now, there wasn’t a platform to connect artisans in these countries to women like you and me. A platform that created an authentic connection while empowering women on both sides. And there was born Artizan Boutik.  

Artizan Boutik is a platform that curates and sells beautiful accessories inspired and handcrafted by artisans around the world.  

My team and I have created Artizan Boutik with the belief that artisans and entrepreneurs from the Caribbean and Africa will have a powerful economic impact in their communities if given an opportunity. These artisans will empower women, men, and kids in their communities. 

I also deeply believe in the powerful influence of these artisanal pieces on the wearer. As I wore these beautiful accessories purchased during my travels to social functions or my corporate job, I noticed an incredible sense of power and confidence emerging from within me. These pieces started to ground me as a mother, wife and entrepreneur.

I felt connected to my heritage as a Haitian woman, living in America, and married to an African man. As women complimented me, I could feel a sisterhood between us. In a small way, I know that wearing these pieces allow us to lean in and see each other. With every Artizan piece, we bring the knowledge gained from the past into the present. These hand-selected pieces will connect you to your inner self and allow you to express your uniqueness. 

I invite you to give yourself permission to journey to these distant lands.

I invite you to dream of making the world Flat.

I invite you to have a conscious positive impact on yourself

I invite you to wear and share "All things Beautiful" from the Artizan Boutik.